Our Mission and Vision


Friends of Jesus is a loving community that listens and responds to Jesus as we experience him in our hearts and in our midst. We equip one another to discover and use our spiritual gifts; learn to follow Jesus in our daily lives; and live as peacemakers, agents of God’s justice and reconciliation.


We are a network of small groups united in becoming:

o A deeply rooted spiritual family, where each person can experience the living power of Christ within and make positive use of their spiritual gifts.

o A community that wrestles together with Scripture and its meaning for our lives. We make space for shared listening to the Holy Spirit, where anyone may be inspired to speak.

o A gathered people, participating in Christ’s work as a multi-ethnic, socioeconomically diverse, LGBTQ-affirming community.

o A seedbed for ministries that make visible Jesus’ jubilee kingdom through acts of mercy, prophetic witness and teaching.

o A movement that equips people to gather new small groups, congregations and churches throughout the DC metro area and beyond.

Approved 8/4/2013