Growing Community in the DC Metro Area

Welcome to Friends of Jesus!  Gathering across Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia, we are building friendships as we explore the Bible, pray together, and experience the living presence of God. We are a community growing in the way of Jesus.

We seek to be a loving community that listens and responds to Jesus as we experience him in our hearts and in our midst. We equip one another to discover and use our spiritual gifts; learn to follow Jesus in our daily lives; and live as peacemakers, agents of God’s justice and reconciliation.

We currently have two main ways to participate in our community: Small Groups and Monthly Gathering.

Small Groups:

Everything we are and do together flows out of the relationships and trust that we develop in our small groups. Small groups are communities of roughly 6-12 people who gather together for mutual support, to explore the Bible, and to learn how to pray and experience the presence of God more deeply. Our small groups are always open to new participants, so let us know if you’d like to get connected.

We currently have two small groups – one in suburban Maryland, and another based in the District of Columbia. Learn More

Monthly Gathering:

Each month, we also hold a larger gathering that allows us to gather from across the city, to experience the power of meeting together in the presence of the Spirit.

These events are collaborative and experimental. We incorporate music, artistic expressions, Scripture and silence in ways that we hope will aid us in experiencing God and following Jesus.

Our Vision and Mission

A good way to get a sense of our beliefs and character as a community would be to take a look at our Mission and Vision. For more details, you can check out our shared Commitments, and our Advices and Queries, our expression of Quaker faith and practice. Of course, the best way to get to know us would be to spend some time with us!

More Questions?

For more information about our small groups and gatherings, contact us by email and join our Facebook group.

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